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I have bought lot a times from Fashion and and always i got my products in good condition. The site gives amazing discounts . Same time i heard lot of complaints also about this site. So far my experience had been good. I have bought shoes, sandals,kurtis, make up and accessories etc from the site and i recieved all of them in fine condition. Only complaint I have is despatching takes 2-3 weeks unless the sale is under express sale banner.

They offer lot of brands in discount prices.

Faces, Lotus, Basicare, Lord and Berry, VOV like cosmetic brands, W kurtis, Many famous designer suits, Diesel, Wills Life Style, Lee,Adidas like major brands, Carlton London, Soles like foot wear brands etc are just examples.

Now they have introduced separate section for kids collection, wedding collection, Home and Living collection, wedding collection etc

All prepaid orders shipping is free.

IMG 3329

IMG 3330

This time i purchased Tvam anti freckle face pack and Tvam foot massaging cream.

I got them for about 40 % reduction.


a) Not ony makeup, a variety of products under apparels, footwear, bed linen etc etc can be found here.

b) Amazing discounts.

c) Products safely packed in bubble wraps.

d) Free shipping on prepaid orders.


a) Lot of negative reviews are also heard about this site.

b) Unless under express sales despatch might take 2-3 weeks.

What had been your experience shopping from Fashion and you?

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  1. I answered your question about buy in coins, go check that out and except the one sweat shirt which I got from Fashion and You which had been manufactured in 09! Even then I don’t mind the date of manufacture , I just mind the part that the discount was not proportional to the date!!

    • Only Twam products i got was of manufacturing date 2009,well shoe and chappals i’vn’t checked..remaining all recent manufacturing date recent only

      I think from next time,i’v to check manufacturing date carefuly,anyay thanks for the info 🙂

  2. Great post!^^

    new post – follow me♥mfashionfreak

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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